A. B. Pandit, Ph.D.

Member, Scientific Advisory Board

A. B. Pandit Dr. A. B. Pandit is Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India. He was educated at Banaras Hindu University (BTech) and University Department of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai (PhD). His research interests include Multiphase Rector Design, Cavitation Phenomena, Pollution control, Bubble Dynamics, Acoustic Signal processing, Mixing and Hydrodymanics and Cavitational Transformations. Dr. Pandit is a sought after consultant in the chemical industry and is Chairman of Hyca Technologies, a hydrodynamic cavitation technology company. Dr. Pandit has authored over 200 publications, 3 books, 10 book chapters, 5 patents and is on Editorial board of several International Scientific Journals.